Romantics Anonymous

A few years ago, Alisha and I watched a French rom-com about two incredibly socially awkward people who fall in love. We fell in love with the film. Imagine What About Bob, except Bob is French, makes chocolate, and finds someone as scared of everything as him.

The scene I remember remembered best is when they go on their first date. At the prodding of his therapist, the man asks the woman out to dinner. The man is so nervous that he keeps stepping into the bathroom to change his soaked-in-sweat shirt. And he brought several extras along. Eventually he gets so flustered he puts on the wrong shirt, goes out to his date, realizes and is so embarrassed that he jumps out the bathroom window and leaves her at the restaurant.

We rewatched it tonight, hoping it lived up to our memory. It did. It also made us crave some high quality chocolate.

Two questions:

  1. What foreign films do you love?
  2. Best chocolate out there?

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