Our Love

Could I our bond immortalize in rhyme?
Although I spend my effort and my might,
words fail to hold a decade worth of time.
To cease to strive though, that would not be right.

And so, I try another line: the tree
Thrusts deep within the earth’s soft, warm, wet soil;
For time, embrace gives both the strength to free
Them from erosion’s threat and storm’s fierce toil.

But trees will fall and fields are swept away.
No words or verse or poem hold true and fast
All that we share. No keystroke can make stay
Ties we hope through eternity will last.

This bond with power forged by God above
Outlasts the word, the tree, the earth; our love.

I wrote to celebrate 10 years of marriage to my wife. It was challenging and a lot of fun to write. I may have to do some more poetry in the future.

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