Going Gardening to Guarantee Getting Goals

I won’t write long because I’m tired and my eyes are having trouble focusing. Today was a lot of hard work on little sleep. Yet I feel good. It’s interesting to me that being sore and tired feels this way. There are days when I’m sore and grumpy. Days when I’m tired and grumpy. I feel both, but I’m not grumpy.

One is the reason I’m sore and tired. I spent the day doing things for my family. The first half was preparing for and taking newborn photos. We cleaned, we got ready, we took photos. I think that made me feel good because it makes my wife happy. I’ll enjoy the pictures, too, but not quite as much as she will.

The second half was preparing the backyard for our spring vegetable garden. Maybe because I’m the grandson of a farmer, there’s something refreshing about working with dirt to grow something. Of course, in the midst of my busy life and the heat of the Texas summer, I often forget this. So, eventually the spring garden begins to languish. But I do think, even in the heat, I would be happier if I continued to get outside and work in the yard at least weekly. Maybe that will be my May or June goal.

And so, I should mention my monthly goals.

Like gardens in the Texas summer, my February goals began to languish. The no snacking goal was not very successful. I held strong for the first week and a half or so. Then I got worse and worse at keeping it. I also was bad at tracking all my goals. I wrote 30 minutes almost every day, but I missed a few here and there. And I continued to do some planning for my desk. Critical planning, it turns out, because if I’d followed the plans I had without this planning, the resulting desk would not have met our needs.

Writing: track it! Keep the momentum.

Monthly habit: I’ll start this month – 15 minutes minimum in garden or yard 5 days a week

Monthly project: extending pantry shelves, then buy and cut wood for the first part of the desk – the computer/drawer base (did I spend too much time making this 3D model? Probably, but it was fun).

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