Goal Update

  1. Write daily for 30 minutes. For the first time this year, I missed a day. And not just one. I missed three. Gah! Frustrating and sad. I was doing so well! But I missed it because I’m not planning when to write ahead of time and I didn’t write before doing other things. And I decided to stop staying up late writing.
  2. Habit resolution: Stop eating between meals. Did pretty well. If it weren’t for girl scout cookies, I would have aced this one! The challenge I ran into was what to do when I slip up?One cookie may mean missing the goal that day, but limiting myself to the one cookie is still better than having one cookie, a soda, and some nachos. It’s a little harder to motivate myself, though, when I can’t check the “no snacks” box at the end of the day. And as for the goal underlying the goal: I’m down a couple pounds this week. The coming weeks will show if its normal variance or actual weight loss.
  3. Project resolution: Have the desk put together. I’ve at least begun to put together a plan. This is the desk I plan on building, more or less.

I’ve built a laundry basket cabinet for the garage (ignore the mess…):

and some shelves above where this desk will eventually be:

Am I ready to build a desk? I don’t know. I sure haven’t been building these things at a regular clip. The laundry basket holder was 2017. The shelves were 2018. I didn’t build anything last year. So, I’m nervous about the desk, which is probably why it has taken me so long to get to it. But Alisha is very ready for me to get my rear into gear.

So, one item of input. Alisha and I had discussed doing a lighter color in our bedroom. Then I stained the shelves a dark color. I thought I needed to use red oak stain for red oak plywood…. It’s embarrassing to admit and in retrospect seems obvious that the name of the stain referred to its color, not the wood it should be used on, but lesson learned.

Anyway, style question: could I place a lighter colored desk under these shelves or should I try to match the stain of the desk to the shelves? I could sand the shelves down and restain them, but I’m reluctant to do that. I hate staining. Any thoughts are welcome.

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