Avoid Misinformation on Social Media

Did you know it’s an election year? If not, how the heck did you get to this post?

Misinformation is always a problem, but it gets really bad in election years. It’s not new to the internet age, but social media amplifies the problem dramatically.

Below are some ideas I have on how to avoid misinformation. What do you do?

  1. Memes are not informative. They can be funny and, occasionally, insightful. They are not informative.
  2. Read, don’t watch. Videos are more manipulative than text.
  3. Read reports, not opinion. Reports use sources and tell what happen; opinion interprets. The best news sources label opinion as opinion.
  4. Follow local and national news outlets.
  5. Follow reporters, not personalities.
  6. Follow multiple experts in whatever field you want to learn about.
  7. Follow people who disagree with each other.
  8. Follow people who use numbers more often than labels.